All Aboard the Dolphin Boat in Port Aransas

The Texas Gulf Coast during winter has always felt magical to me. Spending time watching gentle waves wash onto quiet sandy beaches allows me to think about what’s important in life. So when the hubster and I decided to go somewhere for our winter vacation, we chose Port Aransas. This was my first visit to Port Aransas  — and to say I fell in love with Port A would be an understatement. It is an amazing place.


Several places in Port A offer boat rides to see dolphins. We could see Fisherman’s Wharf from our room at the historic Tarpon Inn, so we walked there to take the jetty boat tour. The boat captain knew where to look for dolphins, so we had plenty of opportunities to get close enough to snap some photos. Hope you enjoy the photos I have posted here!


Two dolphins

two dolphins





The boat trip also gave us a chance to see lots of brown pelicans, seagulls and cormorants — both in the air above the boat and on land along the way.

pelican above boat

Seagull flying above the jetty boat.


brown pelican flies above boat

Brown pelican flying above the jetty boat.

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