Amanuensis Monday: 1844 Marriage Bond of Jean Adolphe Rodrigue and Marie Donatile Naquin

1844 Marriage bond Rodrigue-Naquin

1844 Marriage Bond – Jean Adolphe Rodrigue and Marie Donatile Naquin.

Transcription: State of Louisiana, Parish of LaFourche

Know all men by those present that the Jean Adolphe Rodrigue of the Parish of St. Jean Baptiste as principal and Bazile Dugas of said interior parish are indebted to Sam McAllister Parish Judge of said interior parish in the sum of three hundred dollars which the promise will and truly to pay to him and his successors in office. Dated and signed this 10th January 1844 (Note: all records say 1844, however, the writing looks like 1845).

Now the condition of this obligation is such that whereas the said Rodrigue has this day procured from said McAllister one license of matrimony with Marie Donatilde Naquin daughter of Joseph Naquin of said interior parish and his wife Celeste Prejean. Therefore if in two years after said marriage no legal objection shall be made thereto then this obligation to be null otherwise to remain in full force and effect.


James Frost
Jean Adolphe Rodrigue
Bazile Dugas

What is a Marriage Bond?

When a couple was planning to marry, the prospective groom took out a bond from the clerk of the court in the bride’s county of residence. This was done as surety that there was no legal obstacle to the proposed marriage, such as another living spouse for either party, for example. These bond marriage records can be helpful in determining the approximate or exact date of the marriage in the event that marriage books and/or church records cannot be found. (Source:

Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate - Rodrigue-Naquin

Marriage Certificate – Jean Adolphe Rodrigue and Marie Donatile Naquin

Transcription: “This is to certify that Jean Adolphe Rodrigue and Marie Donatilde Naquin were lawfully married on the 1st day of February, 1845. According to the Rite of the Holy Catholic Church and in conformity with the laws of the State of Louisiana. Rev. F. C. B. de St. Aubin officiated in the presence of Henry Tregle, Theodule Morion and Neuville Ayot. A true extract from the Marriage Register of the Church. Vol 1845. No. 948.”

Relation to Me

Jean Adolphe Rodrigue and Marie Donatile Naquin were my great-great grandparents on my mother’s side.

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