Chicka Chicka Boom Boom at Chuy’s

You gotta love a place that serves Chicka Chicka Boom Boom enchiladas! Chuy’s is Austin Tex-Mex to the max. I’ve eaten at four of the five Austin locations and have never been disappointed. Their salsa is hot and tasty, but not as tasty as their spicy ranch dip — a blend of ranch dressing, jalapenos and tomatillo sauce.  Yum. I’ve always had to ask for the ranch dip — they don’t bring it out automatically.

And Now for Something Completely Different

Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken at Chuy's

I always have enchiladas or some other typical Tex-Mex dish at Chuy’s. On my last visit, however, I decided to try something different — the Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken — chicken breast breaded with Lay’s potato chips, deep fried and smothered in green chile sauce and cheddar cheese, served with green chile rice and refried beans. The chicken was fork-tender. And the potato chip breading was crispy and delicious.

Chuy’s and Elvis

You also gotta love a place that has shrines to the one and only Elvis. Why?

Here’s the information from their web site: “Mike went out, spotted a vendor selling velvet paintings, bought two – Stevie Wonder and Elvis, and brought back the change. (Hey, we needed to buy nails to hang them, too.) After that, people’s natural love for the king inspired them to bring their own Elvis memorabilia to the restaurant. We graciously accepted. Before long the walls were covered in a veritable plethora of undeniable tackiness rivaling that of Graceland.”

Before and After

Nachos at Chuy's in Austin

Chuy’s nachos are enough food to be a meal by themselves. I love guacamole!

Flan at Chuy's in Austin

For dessert? Can’t go wrong with Chuy’s flan! It’s the perfect ending to the perfect meal! “Thank ya very much!”

Chuy’s is vegetarian friendly.

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