Ginny Dolls by Vogue – Based on Paintings

Tribute to Two Tahitian Women #71549 (1988 )

Condition – NIB. the plastic cover has yellowed with age and the tape that was holding up the easel has left two marks in the box.

Girl With a Watering Can (#71556)

Condition – Ginny has never been out of the box.

About Ginny Dolls

This year marks the 90th anniversary of Ginny Dolls. In 1922 Jennie Adler Graves established Ye Olde Vogue Doll Shoppe in Somerville, Massachusetts. According to the official Ginny website, a “friend” who knew of Jennie Grave’s skill in sewing children’s clothes asked her to dress some dolls for a charity event. Unbeknownst to Jennie, the “friend” was selling the dolls instead of giving them to charity! Thus inspired, Jennie Graves began dressing and selling imported German dolls to Jordan Marsh, a well-known Boston department store. In 1948, a sales dip in her line of existing dolls inspired Mrs. Graves to introduce an 8″ plastic doll, the forerunner to Ginny. Storeowners and consumers alike loved the new doll, and in 1951, Ginny was officially born, named after Jennie’s daughter Virginia.


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