Military Monday – American Soldier Visits Versailles during WWI

I’ve written before that my grandfather, Willie Benoit, was stationed in Dijon, France during WWI. While there, he visited other parts of the country, including Le Mans, Reims, Paris and Dole. When he returned to Louisiana, not only did he return with an album full of photos, he also brought home postcards of Versailles and Dole. I will share some of the postcards and photos for the next few Military Mondays. Today’s post features the fountains of Versailles.

Fountains of Versailles

Versailles must have been an incredibly beautiful sight for a soldier who had witnessed the horrors and destruction of war.

Latona Fountain

This photo of Latona Fountain was taken by my grandfather, Willie Benoit.

Latona Fountain dates back to the 1600s. If you compare my grandfather’s photos with current images of the fountain, nothing seems to have changed. The fountain looks exactly the way he saw it.

Latona fountain from above

This photo of Latona Fountain was also taken by my grandfather, Willie Benoit.

Neptune Pond and Fountain

Versailles - Great Fountains, Neptune Pond

The postcard reads: Versailles – Grandes Eaux – Bassin de Neptune (Great Fountains, Neptune Pond)

The Neptune fountain was built between 1679 and 1681 and features ninety-nine water effects.

Apollo Fountain


The postcard reads: Versailles – Char d’Appollon – Le Tapis Vert et le Palais (Triumphal Car of Apollon [Apollo] – the green lawn and the Palace)

The gilded lead Apollo fountain features the god Apollo on his chariot.

 Grotto of Apollo

Versailles - Grandes Eaux - Grotte d'Apollon (Great Fountains - Apollon Grotto)

The postcard reads: Versailles – Grandes Eaux – Grotte d’Apollon (Great Fountains – Apollon Grotto)

This features a sculpture of Apollo being bathed by nymphs. Water descends from rocks to a pond below.

The postcard reads: Parc de Versailles – Grandes Eaux – Le Char d’Apollon (Great Fountains – The Triumphal Car of Apollon)

Bosquet des Rocailles

Versailles Bosquet des Rocailles

The postcard reads: Versailles – Grandes Eaux – Bosquet des Rocailles (Great Fountains – Grove of the reck-works)

The cascade in the Bosquet des Rocailles was designed as an amphitheater.

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