Military Monday – WWII Coca Cola Ad

Ad in the San Antonio Express newspaper, 17 June 1943. “Even a general in Africa writes home how much he misses meeting the gang downtown to enjoy a Coca-Cola. Overseas, Coke is a refreshing remembrance of home. Men cherish its taste and refreshment.”

Coca Cola Ad - 17 June 1943

From my dad Carl Armstrong’s scrapbooks – Coca Cola Ad – 17 June 1943.

This was in my dad’s scrapbook with his other clippings of his time stationed in San Marcos, Texas. June 17 was his birthday.

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We all have ancestors who have served in the military. Military Monday is a place to post their images, stories and records of their service in various branches of the military. Military Monday is an ongoing series by Cindy at Everything’s Relative – Researching Your Family History.

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