Sunday’s Obituary: Cyprien Duhon – Peace to His Ashes

Headstone - Cyprien Duhon, Sallier Cemetery, Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA

Cyprien Duhon
b. 24 Jun 1803 St. Martinville, St. Martin, Louisiana, USA
d. 25 Mar 1878 Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana


Lake Charles Echo, 1878

Cyprien Duhon died at his residence, in this parish, on Monday, 25th inst., Cyprien Duhon, aged 78 years. The deceased was one of the oldest residents of Calcasieu and was noted for his integrity, politeness and hospitality. Peace to his ashes.

About Cyprien Duhon

Cyprien was born to Joseph Duhon and Marie Scholastique Hebert in St. Martinville, Louisiana. He married Julie Granger on 14 February 1820. Once married, Cyprien and Julie began a several-week journey by ox cart from St. Martinville to Calcasieu Parish to settle on land owned by the bride’s family. Arriving in Calcasieu Parish, they followed the Calcasieu River to Charlie’s Lake, then continued south to what was then called Little Lake. The tract of land where Cyprien built his cabin was surrounded by pine trees, with prairie land further south where he could run his herd of cattle. The site of Cyprien’s home is the spot where the clubhouse of the Lake Charles Country Club now stands. 1

Prien Lake

How Little Lake became Prien Lake is an interensting story. The area where the Lake Charles Country Club is now was homesteaded by Cyprien Duhon. The people living around Cyprien on Little Lake called him Old Man Prien. The lake eventually became known as Old Man Prien’s Lake, and then, Prien Lake. 2

Relation to Me

Cyprien Duhon was my great-great-great grandfather.

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  1. Greg and Jean (Duhon) English says:

    He is my wife’s great-great-great grandfather also. We actually now own his son’s old place in SweetLake.
    – Greg

  2. Gregory Duhon says:

    Hey that comment from Greg and Jean (Duhon) English….which son’s old place are you in? I’m also in the same line, but down through Clairville, Simeon, etc….just wondering. Thanks
    Gregory Du(h)on.

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